Start: October 19, 2018
10:00 am
End: October 21, 2018
8:00 pm

Event Venue

CHatham Gospel Hall 235 Joseph Street Chatham, Ontario

GPS: 42.4141324, -82.1967041

The Christians meeting in the Chatham Gospel Hall will once again be hosting the Healing & Hope Conference.

For a few reasons we have decided to change the date to October 20-21, 2018


– Mr. Caleb Simonyi-Gindele
– Mr. Stephen Vance
– Mr. Jim McMaster

Session Outline:

Jim McMaster

Spiritual Casualties (Parts 1&2) – The Causes and the Cure – No one likes a visit to the ER. But when you need them, the care given by those who deal with casualties is essential and invaluable. So what happens when there is a spiritual emergency in your life? What happens when you become a spiritual casualty in the battle of the Christian life? In these sessions we will take a straightforward, sympathetic and practical look at the Causes and Cure for the believer who becomes wounded in spiritual warfare.

Caleb Simonyi-Gindele

Parenting Digital Natives – Can the Bible speak to the parenting challenges we face today? A recent study revealed that at age 4, half the children had their own television and three-fourths their own mobile device. Never before has the definition of ‘normal’ changed so rapidly in a culture. Learn how the Bible speaks to the essentials of healthy parenting, even as it relates to raising children in a technological world.

The Smartphone: Your Idol – I really like my iPhone X. But, there are times I have to admit that it becomes more than a phone to me. How can the Scriptures help us become the master of our phones instead of them ruling our lives?

Stephen Vance

Guilt and Shame – Many Christians are crippled by guilt and shame. We will examine the difference and the solutions. Guilt is generally over what we’ve done, and the repair comes spiritually through Christ’s atonement and our confession, and practically through apologies and reconciliation. Shame is generally over who we are and the fear of being known, and the repair comes through openness and authenticity, whether with God or in a community of believers.

Grieving – Every Christian will experience losses of various types (people, health, jobs, dreams, etc) and Scripture shows us ways to honour our losses and heal from them by grieving.


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