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This autobiography is my story, written by
me covering my life, plus 45 years before I
was born through to my 71st birthday.
It is written not in chapters, but in years from
1902 through to 2018.
Over the years, I have shared parts of my
life with many people, and at many events.
I also picked up information from other
people and family members, or friends of the
I became hospitalized shortly after turning
age 70, and for a whole year was in and
out of the hospital weekly. During that time,
I received flashbacks of my life and began making additional notes, and
adding them to notes which I have used over the years when sharing my
testimony/life with other people.
This has been on my heart for years, and I am amazed at the memories
God had brought back to me during this time. I believe God is showing
me that now is the time for me to publish this book.


If you are interested in learning more; purchasing a copy; or booking an event,
feel free to contact me. Dave Szusz (519)562-4799 or email: